Training and knowledge in the field of health psychology is essential when treating medical trauma not just to comply with the ethical principle of competency, but to structure the treatment and to successfully help the patient to heal. Understanding and Treating Medical Trauma with EMDR is a training intended to teach the clinician how to complete the EMDR phase one by integrating physiology and psychology as well as creating the foundation for a personalized treatment. It is fundamental to understand, if applicable, the experience of the patient at different inpatient units of the hospitalization including intensive care, acute, and rehabilitation; the physiological portion of the medical condition, the impact in the patient’s mental health, and how some medical conditions mask psychological presentations; the neuropsychological aspect in cases of spinal cord and traumatic brain injury affecting the level of functioning; and disability. The training will also prepare the clinician in how to conduct EMDR phase two in order to decrease resistance as well as to install and enhance physical, environmental, internal, and relational safety. The workshop will also teach how to adapt EMDR phase three to those cases with permanent physical damage in which the individual has lost sensation in some part/s of the body. Understanding and Treating Medical Trauma with EMDR will prepare the clinician to implement the eight phases of EMDR in the field of health psychology.